Ways to effectively Tighten Loose Skin

Your body goes through many ups and downs throughout its existence of somewhat around a century of years. Needless to say, nature takes a toll on your physique in more ways than one. While genetics may treat one person more fairly than the other, a point comes where everyone starts to head downhill. Wrinkling skin, sagging folds, drooping jowls, dry texture and a number of other issues may greatly affect your appearance.

You may often feel insecure and sometimes even downright depressed about how your body has spiraled out of control.  Well, we are telling you not to worry. There is plenty you haven't tried and plenty you need to know about your body, which will enhance your aesthetic appeal in ways you thought were impossible to achieve.

The science of it is rather simple. Here are a few ways you can tighten loose skin or prevent your skin from becoming too loose.


We understand you may be very passionate about getting back in shape after you gained a little too much, whether due to an unhealthy lifestyle or maybe a pregnancy, but its best not to overdo it. Anything in excess can be dangerous.

A sudden loss of weight doesn't give your skin the time to adjust to your new frame. If the fat dissipates too quickly, your skin will droop over the hollow caverns of your body like a curtain.


Most people don't realize that weight loss that is achieved in an unhealthy manner can pose an even greater problem than being overweight.

So, while you are starving yourself and quickly losing fat, you are also drying out your skin and decreasing its elasticity by drinking less water, having little to no proteins, vitamins or healthy, natural fats in your diet, and allowing yourself ridiculous amounts of alcohol consumption, supplemented with regular smoking.


Eating less is not the same as eating right. Your body requires collagen to maintain skin elasticity and tone in order to tighten loose skin.

Vitamin C greatly aids in the formation of collagen so you have to make sure your diet contains lots of it. Supplementing this with a protein-rich diet will help in formation of collagen which will greatly improve your skin tone and well as help your body increase lean muscle mass to fill up your emaciated frame.


Your body will be able to rehabilitate faster and more effectively with a training regimen. This will allow you to regain the muscle mass that you had lost along with your fat and will make your skin tighten quite a bit


Skin moisturizers, exfoliation, herbal creams and the lot can help tighten loose skinof the cheeks, jowls and neck. A few facial exercises a day will aid in strengthening the muscles involved and your overall appearance will acquire a much healthier aura.


Surgery should be a very last resort and should only be considered in cases where individuals have shed an incredible amount of weight that they had been carrying for many years.

Surgery may be able to effectively remove or tuck away the excess skin